Algebraic Set Theory Algebraic set theory uses the methods of category theory to studyelementary set theory. The purpose of this website is to linktogether current research in algebraic set theory and make it easilyavailable.

It is hoped that this will encourage and facilitatefurther development of the subject. Bibliography The following is a brief survey of the current literature on algebraic set theory.

The bibliography is ordered chronologically by year of publication and then alphabetically by the author's surname (by the first author's surname in the case of works with multiple authors).

Draft and preprint versions of papers are listed as they become available 14 Apr 2015 - Abstract. Based on the point of view of descriptive set theory, we have investigated several definable sets from number theory and analysis..

Upon publication preprints are removed and papers are listed under year of publication. In most cases preprints are still available on individual author homepages or on the arXiv.

The ordering of papers below does not, in all cases, do full justice to the historical development of the subject due, among other things, to the delay between completion of a paper and its subsequent publication. Forthcoming annotations will provide additional details regarding the historical development of the research listed below.

If there is anything you feel that we have left out, then please feel free to contactus. 1991A categorical theory of cumulative hierarchies of sets.

Comptes Rendus Math matiques de l'Acad mie des Science, 13:55-58, 1991.